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Warning Issued for Windows 10 Users

Microsoft is dealing with the issue of Quality Control. Currently, the updates of Windows 10 are filled with such updates that are causing more problems than fixing the previous ones. And the recent warning from the latest Windows 10 update of Microsoft might be one of the worst-hit cases.

The KB4515384 update which was issued this September is already giving headaches to the programmers. It was introduced to fix the case of the Central Processing Unit (CPU) spiking. And now the latest reports have suggested that the new update has broken Start Menu, Search in Windows 10, USB connections and Action Center. Some users also complained of getting audio problems.

According to the reports of the Windows Latest, the users have started posting their issues on the Community Forum of Microsoft; it’s Social Networking sites handles and Feedback Hub belonging to Windows 10. Most of the Users mentioned that once they applied this update, the network adapters of their PCs stopped working. Primarily, it appears that these users have Intel Chipsets such as MSI, Asus, and Gigabyte motherboards. Due to this, both Wi-Fi and Ethernet connections have got affected.

While expressing his issues on Windows 10 Feedback Hub, a user wrote that KB4515384 which is the cumulative update failed NIC. This error enabled a Code 10 error. They tried re-installing network drivers from Windows or Intel Update sources. However, they could not resolve the issue.

Another user wrote that if one tries to remove the update through ‘Program &Software’ panel, they could resolve it. Another way is to use a recovery point set before the update itself starts resolving the issue.

A user complained that the latest Windows 10 update broke Wi-Fi and Ethernet adapters on her PC. It appeared to create a new device as it got labeled as ‘#2.’ Even the hidden devices got exposed to Device Manager.


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