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Walmart announces to expand its Delivery Service across US

The officials from Walmart announced this Wednesday that the grocery retail has plans to extend its new unlimited grocery delivery service across the United States. It will cover around 1400 outlets across different cities. The membership costs $98 annually.

Walmart has started testing this new feature in its four premium markets of the country, which are Miami, Tampa, Houston and Salt Lake City. The officials have named this feature as ‘Delivery Unlimited.’ Once the nationwide rollout plan starts, the plan will be available in around 200 metro cities. These areas already have Walmart’s regular grocery delivery plan going on. The company plans to reach out to more than 50% of the US population by the end of this year.

To receive the Unlimited Grocery Delivery Services at their homes, the customers would have to pay $12.95 per month, or they can choose a $98 yearly plan. If a customer decides to make the purchases by going for order-by-order basis, then he is supposed to pay $9.99 extra. Apart from a particular bakery, meat and freshly produced items, the unlimited service is set to offer a few general merchandises. 

Tom Ward, who is the Senior Vice President of the company’s Digital Operations in the country, stated that Walmart has been quick in expanding its unlimited delivery and Pickup Service. The company has paired its size and scale and different services the company is trying to make Walmart the place where buyers can easily shop. 

Currently, Walmart has picked 45000 personal shoppers who would help in packing the grocery orders for the buyers daily. These people would undergo three weeks of training they start working again. 

Walmart has launched this service to compete with several other outlets which offer the same services. Another retail outlet is the owner of the online delivery platform Shift. Here the user needs to pay $99 per year to avail discount benefits on certain items.


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