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Union Workers to boycott Fred Meyer store

The workers belonging to Grocery Workers Union have called for the boycott of Fred Meyer, which is a local supermarket chain. A worker, while talking to the media said that the reason behind this protest is that there have been certain cases of the store managers targeting the workers of this Union frequently.

The Grocery Workers Union represents workers across Southwest Washington and Oregon. As they have called for the boycotting of this store, currently the grocery unionizing efforts in the Pacific Northwest region is in weeds.

The United Food and Commercial Workers Union Local 555 has hundreds of grocery store workers from Safeway, Albertson region in its radar. The spokesperson from QFC and Fred Meyer has stated that several Union Workers have reported the cases of harassment related to Union at the different stores of Fred Meyer.

Kelly McAllister, who is the Director of Union Communications, stated that store managers from specific locations have harassed and threatened the Union members. They mentioned that the workers can be replaced quickly and are worthless.

In its defense, a spokesperson from Fred Meyer defended its managers. While talking to media, they stated that such claims were misrepresentations of its managers and the company. Such a boycott would only have adverse effects. It will hurt the competitors who are non-union as well as the employees.

The recent development was reported after there were reports of tensions rising between the Union Workers and the Fred Meyer store. Currently, they are at a standstill as they try to negotiate a contract for the employees belonging to the Union.

During late August this year, the Union officials had announced their decision to cancel the contract extensions of all types because until then there were no reports of any progress. Recently, several online news portals had shared advertisement photos which talked about the boycott of the Fred Meyer stores.


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