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Twitter unveils Hide Reply to hide toxic replies

Twitter has been news for launching different initiatives so that it can win back its earlier reputation as a platform which users choose for a healthy conversation. With this, the social media platform announced that it would be giving more control to its users regarding the conversation. The new feature would give them the option to hide the replies.

As of now, Twitter has chosen Canada to test its new feature. Soon the company would be rolling out this service in Japan and the United States as well. This step is part of a concerted effort that the company has undertaken to stop the spread of hate-related issues online.

Earlier the users could manage their own experiences while having a conversation by muting particular keywords so that they do not pop up in notification again. Another option was to block the User. Users could not change how other people are engaging in a debate. Once a lively discussion used to melt down inevitability, the real problem used to begin.

The person who now tweets a particular comment will get a chance to decide which replies she should keep and which ones should remain hidden from other users. They would have to click on a tweet’s right-hand menu. It will show normal options such as Mute, Hide, and Follow. ‘Hide Reply’ is the new option hidden to this list. Once the user selects this option, the reply would be automatically hidden from the User.

Users still would be able to see all the hidden replies by clicking on the icon, which shows all hidden tweets at once. During February 2019, Twitter had announced this feature and started testing it during mid-July 2019. In its blog post, a company official wrote that the team had observed the users were likely to reconsider those tweets more which they had hidden.


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