Trump keeps fighting a Confederate flag battle many supporters have conceded

Trump retains battling a Accomplice flag battle many supporters have conceded

In the past couple weeks, as aspect of a raging nationwide discussion in excess of racism in The us, non-public businesses, political figures and govt institutions have been revisiting the approaches they examine and signify Black People. Some of the resulting modifications — Aunt Jemima rebranding its syrup, the Washington football group ditching the “Redskins” moniker — have provoked backlash in conservative circles. But lots of have coalesced all around the feeling that the Accomplice flag is a distinct symbol of racial divide: it is, following all, the flag of those who fought a getting rid of war against The us to uphold slavery.

According to a Quinnipiac poll unveiled Wednesday, the the vast majority of People, 56 %, responded that they viewed the Confederate flag as a symbol of racism, as opposed to 35 percent who look at it as a symbol of Southern heritage. Even people in Southern states aren’t as incredibly hot on the Confederacy these times — 55 p.c of respondents from the South saw the flag as a racist symbol, though 35 percent did not.

Responding to these shifting attitudes, numerous significant-profile establishments with usually conservative bases have identified techniques to take out the Accomplice flag from their premises, from outright bans at NASCAR, in the Marine Corps and the U.S. Navy, to the state of Mississippi, which voted to get rid of the Accomplice flag from its condition flag again in June. On Friday, the Pentagon produced a coverage limiting the sort of flags flown on Defense Division properties that efficiently barred the Accomplice flag, however did not one it out precisely — a needle-threading work widely viewed as a way to stay away from Trump’s ire.

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“We’ve observed great shift in community viewpoint considering the fact that the murder of [George] Floyd, and most wondering people can realize and fully grasp that symbols of the Confederacy are symbols of white supremacy,” reported the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Books, referencing the latest killing at the arms of Minneapolis police that sparked nationwide protests. “If we hope to make a change in our nation and convey the region with each other, we have to form of realize these symbols and reckon with our past and move ahead.”

Trump, Brooks added, does not seem to be interested in that: “His playbook is to divide, not to deliver together.”

Certainly, Trump himself has been more and more vocal in his defense of the flag.

“I know persons that like the Confederate flag and they’re not pondering about slavery,” he explained to CBS on Tuesday, including that liberal cancel society had pushed NASCAR to make the final decision to ban Accomplice flags from its races. “You go to NASCAR. You had those flags all about the area. They stopped it. I just believe it is liberty of speech, whether it is Accomplice flags or Black Life Issue or something else you want to speak about. It’s independence of speech.”

Trump himself, even so, doesn’t have a long record of touting like for the Confederate flag. In 2015, Trump explained he thought then-South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley should take away the flag from the condition capitol and set it in a museum. But with his reelection on the line, Trump is recontextualizing his look at on the flag in a lifestyle war-welcoming way, hoping to talk to his Republican base.

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Even though the bulk of People now see the Accomplice flag as a racist image, 74 p.c of Republicans view the flag as representing Southern heritage, in accordance to the Quinnipiac poll, though only 16 % see it as racist.

Seth Mandel, the government editor of the correct-leaning Washington Examiner magazine, explained the flag alone is not the difficulty Trump is attempting to highlight.

“Conservatives never care about the flag but they care about, say, the slippery slope they may dread about the flag major to statues primary to other stuff, and his talk of the flag is truly intended to remind them of the other stuff, not the flag by itself,” he reported.

Some Republicans have attempted to strike a stability amongst eliminating Confederate symbology and resisting the forces of “cancel society,” these types of as Madison Cawthorn, a 24-year-outdated who received a Republican congressional primary in North Carolina last thirty day period and instructed Buzzfeed that he seen Accomplice statues as an affront to the U.S.

“These men and women seceded from our nation,” he said. “They declared war on the United States. I don’t automatically want to have hero worship for them.”

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