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Popular heart burn drug may have Cancer causing chemical

A popular heartburn medicine’s generic version might be containing a chemical which has chances of causing cancer.

Several Drug Regulators from Europe and the United States launched an investigation into this matter last week. It has been stated that this medication contains ranitidine. It is a generic version of Zantac. Currently, Novartis manufactures Zantac. According to the US Food and Drug Administration, this medicine contains NDMA (N-Nitrosodimethylamine) at low levels. According to the officials of the FDA, this medicine is a probable carcinogen.

Once this revelation was out, Sandoz which is Novartis’ generic drug arm has ordered to halt the production of this drug at several of its centers across the globe. According to several news websites, the manufacturer has also ordered to recall certain versions of Zantac from Canada and certain European countries.

Dana Kahn Cooper, who is a spokesperson for Novartis, stated that until further clarification, the company has decided to stop the distribution of all such medicines that contains ranitidine. It also includes those products which are commonly known by its brand name Zantac and the capsules that are sold across the US. The company has also ordered an internal investigation regarding this matter.

On September 13, the FDA had released a statement where it stated that some products which are known as Zantac contain NDMA. Bases on several lab tests, it has been found that it can cause cancer among humans. NDMA is found in human food as well as water and is a harmful environmental pollutant. Food items such as dairy products, grilled or cured meat such as bacon, vegetables, etc., contain bit traces of NDMA.

Earlier in June 2019, the FDA had recalled a blood pressure medicine named locarten. It was reported that they had NDMA in little bit amount.


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