Microsoft is going to build Real Linux Kernel On Windows 10, Serviced via Windows Updates
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Microsoft is going to build Real Linux Kernel On Windows 10, Serviced via Windows Updates

The suddenly-cozy relationship between Linux and Windows is taking another step forward to build something new as Microsoft declared in a blog post that it’s going to build a full Linux kernel in Windows 10. It will arrive first with Insider preview builds by the end of June, bracing & supporting the new Windows Subsystem for Linux 2. The first release will be depending on version 4.19, the latest stable Linux release, and will maintain up with each stable release going further. As per the Microsoft system- this isn’t its first release of a Linux kernel that came last year on Azure Sphere (Linux based operating system made by Microsoft) but this is the first time on Windows.

By making this switch as a drop-in replacement for the current imitator it should speed up performance remarkably, with faster boot up and more effective use of memory. End users can interface with it either by installing a distribution from the Microsoft Store or sideloading as well.

Moreover, the kernel itself will be open source, with more instructions available to create your own, and Microsoft has a word to contribute changes it makes open for others to use. In fact, this news also came after Microsoft earlier declared a new version of its Windows 10 Terminal command line app- stated in a news report.


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