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Huawei to offer 5G to American Companies

The CEO of Huawei has reportedly made an offer to several American companies to license 5G technology. Several experts have stated that Zhengfei Ren, the founder and CEO of Huawei, is trying to make a peace offer to the United States President Mr Donald Trump. The President has repeatedly accused Huawei of spying on the US through its devices. If he accepts the Huawei CEO’s offer, then the US could become a telecommunication powerhouse once again.

In his statement, the CEO made an offer to license the Chinese communication technology of 5G to the American companies. He stated that the US side has to accept the technologies manufactured by his company at some level. Currently, the Trump administration has banned the overall use of equipment of Huawei from the US network. The US officials suspect that the Chinese Government could spy on the US through its material.

New York Times Columnist Thomas Friedman was first to report about this offer. Through this offer, the US would be able to get into the race of 5G supremacy once again. Currently, companies such as Nokia from Finland, Chinese firms such as Huawei and ZTE and Sweden’s Ericsson are dominating this race.

While talking to a newspaper, the CEO of Huawei stated that his company is open to sharing the techniques and technologies with the US companies. It would help them to build their 5G technology. It would also lead to a balanced situation between the US, China and Europe.

The CEO also stated that his company would also allow the US companies to make some modifications as they try to fit in software run by any of the equipment by Huawei although this deal offers a minimum guarantee against security concerns that the US government has against the Chinese.

If the deal gets finalized, then the US companies would be able to sell their licensed 5G equipment anywhere in the world except China.


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