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HTC to launch Vive Cosmos VR Headset on October 3

The officials from HTC have stated that the company would be releasing its Vive Cosmos VR Headset next month on October 3, 2019. Initially, the headset is powered by PC. The authorities had revealed it during CES earlier this year. It is HTC’s recent bid in the sector of mainstream VR headsets.

The Cosmos does not need external sensors and uses motion controllers which are fully tracked. The LCD panels of the headsets are of the upgraded version, and their combined resolution is 2880 * 1700. It also offers field-of-view of 110 degrees and has the refresh rate of 90Hz.

The HTC has also used inside out tracking on the Cosmos. Not only that the headset also comes with the flip-flop goggles. With this, the users will have an option to take a break from VR, and they would not even need to remove the headset entirely. The most significant addition with this model is the modular faceplate which allows the user to customize his headset over time along with several extra functionalities.

Earlier HTC had hinted that the users would be able to link their Cosmos along with the smartphones shortly. And now the company has announced the launching of the External Tracking Mod. With this Mod, the headset users would be able to use Vive Cosmos with their existing Lighthouse base Stations that will provide them with 360-degree tracking support. It is also compatible with Vive Wireless Adapter.

Vive Cosmos, which is to be launched by the HTC, is coincidently a new Vive Reality System by the company. Earlier Steam VR was a great product which the HTC had introduced in the market. Apart from that, HTC also has introduced a Lens which is dubbed on User Interface which allows the buyers to navigate through the apps of XR Viveport Infinity. The company will also be offering the 12-month Viveport Infinity subscription.


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