Facebook wants to get the overall body into virtual reality
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Facebook wants to get the overall body into virtual reality

New released on Wednesday that Facebook is creating and animating anatomically correct avatars (who are that look and move just like real people in the world, in hopes of making the high technology feel even more engaging and immersive) of the human skeleton and overlying muscle and skin, it introduced at its annual F8 developer conference. It is tracking how people move in real time and reproducing their movements in VR app. Facebook is also redeveloping and simulating the actual clothing a person is wearing, utilizing physics-based software to find out how clothing should move virtually when they do things such as dance or stretch or doing something else.

Ronald Mallet who is a supervisor at Oculus research stated in the news that this kind of fully-tracked full-body model is still far off in the near future. One challenge is that there isn’t recently a mode for people to get these digital versions of themselves with off-the-shelf sensors. Facebook will also need to find how best to maintain these avatars secure and safe. He said this may mean using facial or fingerprint recognition to attach a realistic model to a person. Hence, we all are still years away from this kind of advanced high-technology in consumer headsets.

Despite the fact, the peek at the near future came a day after the Facebook disclosed that it would begin shipping its two newest virtual-reality headsets that are Oculus Quest wireless & self-contained device and Rift S which is a tether to a PC for a more robust excellent experience.


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