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DNA held together by Hydrophobic forces

Several researchers believe that DNAs bind itself together. However, the researchers from the Sweden’s Chalmers University of Technology have a different claim. They have stated that it is not like that hydrogen bond binds the two sides of the DNA structure. Water is the key here. The discovery has managed to open the doors for new understandings for research in sectors such as medicine and life sciences. The team presented its findings in a journal named PNAS.

DNA is usually made up of two strands. They consist of Phosphate Group and Sugar molecules. The Nitrogen Base lies between these two strands. These are the components which make the genes of an organism and hydrogen bond is situated between them.

However, now the researchers of CUT have shown that the secret regarding helical structure whose molecules may have a hydrophobic interior- mainly in an environment whose main contents are water. When the hydrophobic units are exposed to a hydrophilic environment, they combine.

Hydrogen bonds have a crucial role in holding the helixes of DNA together. It is related to the sorting of essential pairs. Hence, they get linked together in the correct sequence. The discovery is vital as it will help to understand the relationship of DNA with the environment.

Bobo Feng, one of the researchers who was involved in this study, stated that cells are in charge of protecting the DNA. They do not let it exposed to the hydrophobic environment. It constitutes of harmful molecules sometimes. However, sometimes, DNA has to open up so that it could get used.

According to the research, the cell keeps their DNAs in water molecules. However, if it wants to repair, copy or read its DNA – the damaged area need to be replaced. Here, protein is DNA’s central structure. It has the key to fight many serious diseases, including cancer.


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