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Avoid using Internet Explorer for Some time

This Monday, Microsoft announced that the users should avoid using the Internet Explorer for some time. It has developed a critical vulnerability. Due to this, malicious hackers could get a chance to hack computers, mainly belonging to those who run an outdated version.

Through its Blog, a spokesperson of Microsoft wrote that the vulnerability has chances of corrupting the memory of a system. It would give the attacker a chance to execute arbitrary code which would be in the current user’s context. If a user has logged in with administrative rights, the attacker can quickly get a chance to exploit this vulnerability successfully. They could directly take control of the system which has been affected.

However, it is not the first time that Microsoft has faced such a kind of attack due to which it had to ask users to stop using the browser which has been discontinued. During early February this year, a security researcher associated with Microsoft had stated that one should not use IE as her default browser. During April 2019, it was found that simply having IE in the system could also be a possible security threat.

The latest warning minces no words while warning the users. Once a victim visits a particular website which is affected, and the game would be over. The Microsoft’s advisory which was issued this Monday reads that after hacking a system due to Internet Explorer glitch, an attacker could perform any task such as installing different software, deactivating them; delete, view or change any data. They could even create accounts that provide them full user access.

Clement Lesigne, who belongs to the Threat Analysis Group under Google, was the first person to spot and highlight this vulnerability. The wonky fix is available for IE which the users need to perform by themselves. 


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