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Astronomers detect a massive Neutron Star

Recently the astronomers discovered a neutron star massive in size. Such stars are actually dead stars which are too massive to exist.

Similar to Black Holes, these stars are corpses of certain stars that have died during the catastrophic explosion. Such explosions are known as ‘Supernova.’ Once a star undergoes such a process, the core part of its remains collapses due to its gravitational pull strength. If the remnant is massive in strength, it may form a Black Hole. The gravity of Black Holes is so powerful that even light is unable to escape.

Due to a neutron star, a less powerful massive core gets formed. Its gravity is so strong that it crushes proton together along with electron. Due to this process, neutrons are formed.

Thankful Cromartie, who is the lead author of this study, stated that neutron stars are fascinating as well as mysterious. These objects are city-sized and essential ginormous nuclei.

The diameter of neutron starts is 12 miles or 19 km. However, they are extraordinarily dense. Its mass is similar to that of the sun. Its mass is approximated at approximately 100 million tons which is similar to that of the human population. Due to this, Neutron Stars are the densest objects apart from the Black Holes.

Scientists have been studying the details regarding the ‘Black Holes’ since decades. Still, this heavenly body is a mysterious topic. They have termed these stars as ‘exotic.’ It is still not clear how much massive these stars can be.

The neutron star which has been measured recently lies 4600 light-years away from the surface of the earth. It packs about two times as that of the sun into about 25 kilometers in diameter. It proves how a compact and massive a single object can be at the same time without crushing itself.


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