According to the World Health Organization, Burn-Out Is Now a Legitimate Syndrome- Several are the symptoms
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According to the World Health Organization, Burn-Out Is Now a Legitimate Syndrome- Several are the symptoms

News released- According to the World Health Organization- Burnout is now referred to as a syndrome which is a conceptualized as resulting from chronic workplace stress, the tension that has not been successfully managed as well.

Hence, the stress, depression, tension and lack of feeling in control that comes up with burnout are finally being formally noted by the medical community; so, the burnout is currently an official workplace syndrome.

According to news report- the International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health problems, the World Health Organization’s handbook that helps and assist medical providers to diagnose diseases, mentioned burnout as a syndrome conceived as resulting from chronic workplace depression that has not been managed by workers or persons. Many crucial reports characterized the classification as a medical condition, but World Health Organization stated on Tuesday afternoon in a social tweet that burnout is an occupational phenomenon; however, it’s not a medical condition or situation.

As symptoms involve feelings of energy lowering or depletion; raised mental stress from one’s job or feelings of negativity or uneasy related to one’s job; and remove professional efficacy. Moreover, the research on burnout dates back to a 1974 study on the state of burnout by psychologist Herbert Freudenberger. Since then, while burnout has been broadly considered as an issue in society, it hasn’t been taken seriously or viewed as a legitimate medical condition. While several observers argue that the term is becoming an excuse for laziness, the new categorization assists to validate people who require medical assistance to keep and manage their burnout.

And the same this article has been posted with additional information from the World Health Organization that clarifies burnout is signifies a workplace syndrome and not a medical condition at all.


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